Professional Paint Correction is the timely process of removing defects such as scratches or swirl-marks from your vehicle's paint. This is the difference-maker when restoring your paint making it more visually appealing. We achieve these results by using top of the line techniques, machinery, and products.

Exterior Enhancement

6+ Hours

All of our Exterior Enhancement Services begin with an in-depth 2 bucket hand wash and thorough decontamination of the vehicle's paint. 

With this correction, we aim to remove about 80% of defects from your paint. Leaving a dramatic change in clarity and depth, bringing out the true color of your vehicle. 

We achieve these results by using a compound to remove the scratches, random defects, and swirls from the clear coat. Polish is then used to remove any remaining swirls or scratches. Giving your vehicle a smooth to the touch, mirror finish. 

Once the Paint Enhancement is completed the vehicle is finished with a Pure Carnuba Paste Wax, a High-Quality Paint Sealant, or a durable Ceramic Coating for added shine and protection.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $620

Midsize $760

Over-Size $880

Full Exterior Correction

2+ days ​

This is for those who want Perfect Paint! Assuring your paint is defect-free as possible. 

This process starts with the same thorough deep-cleaning process on the exterior removing all contaminates before compounding and polishing. 


We then move panel-by-panel removing all defects and imperfections possible.  This is a time-consuming labor-intensive process that gives us the exceptional results we are known for.  

After finishing our initial correction we then re-evaluate and polish out any remaining impurities. Eliminating >95% of defects.

Afterward, we highly recommend the application of long term protection like our Ceramic Coating to preserve your newly perfected vehicle.

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