There is nothing better than a nice day out on the lake with friends and family. We also understand that keeping your jet-ski or boat clean takes time. Let us relieve that added stress from your busy schedule. From basic interior and exterior cleaning to a full gel-coat restoration we have you covered.

K&N Detailing brings our professional services to you whether your boat is in your driveway or on the dock. Making it convenient to prepare your boat for a day out on the water. 

By using Professional Marine Grade

Environmentally Friendly Products we can safely clean and protect your vessel. Achieving the spectacular results we are known for. 

For example, with your boat being out in the elements it is very common for mildew to build upon your vinyl seats. It is even more common for oxidation to build-up on all gel-coat and exterior surfaces. That's where our specialized services come in to play by restoring and rejuvenating your boat.

Basic Interior and Exterior Maintenance Detail

  • Wipedown to all interior surfaces

  • Vacuuming to all carpets 

  • Window cleaning 

  • Exterior wash 


Prices start at:

 ​$10 per foot

Premium Interior and Exterior Detail

  • Deep cleaning to all interior surfaces with the application of protection.

  • Vinyl seat deep cleaning with a UV protection application to rejuvenate, protect, and prevent from fading or mildew growing in the future.

  • All carpets and or decking will receive a thorough cleaning. ( We recommend an additional layer of fabric guard.)

  • Inside and outside of all windows will be cleaned.

  • Exterior will receive the same deep-cleaning treatment using environmentally friendly products to ensure our services will not affect the eco-system. Especially important for dock-side detailing.

  • Once completely washed and dried, we apply a layer of marine grade wax. Providing a sacrificial layer of protection for 3-6 months. (We highly recommend restoring the gel-coat prior to protection application.)   


Prices start at:

$30 per foot